Trace Elements


Biological high standards and liquid formulations of trace elements – authorized by the fertilizer regulation.


Product series atres c-plus


In the area of development and optimization is atres Group occupied with the elaboration of liquid and highly effective additives for the usage at biogas plants, since 2006. As one of the first and the few providers of organic chelate complexes, which increase the biological availability of our formulations of trace elements, we guarantee a successful application in following areas:


  • Removal of process disorders
  • Stabilization of degradation processes
  • Increasing biogas yields and quality
  • Reduction of the commissioning period


To fully satisfy our clients, we always provide the individual formulations of atres c-plus with a high product quality. Therefore, we collaborate with an internationally well-known manufacturer, controlled and certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ensure REACH-compliance.


With our product series atres c-plus we promise our additive clients high quality and safety. As a pioneer in quality management, we are easily presented in legal or ecological affairs. We don´t offer any dubious secondary, residual or waste products, especially in terms of dignity and adherence of our regulations:


  • High-quality commodities
  • Special manufacture according to our formulations
  • Standardized manufacture processes
  • REACH certification
  • Correctly labeled incl. all hazard symbols and warnings
  • Handover safety data sheets on delivery
  • Authorized by the fertilizer regulation


More about recently available atres c-plus formulations:

Our universal product with necessary and essential trace elements for a well development of microorganism and an efficient Fermentation.


The special formulation with the plus in ingredients for a rapid compensation of deficiency signs or immediate degradation of ethernal fatty acids - within the first addition, during commissioning or removal of emergencies.


Locals with distinct selenium deficiency - for an efficient substrate fusion by increasing the enzymatic activity, f.e. hydrogenases.


Adapted to high nitrogen freights at simultaneously sufficient primary care with trace elements, especially for mainly usage of avian and chicken manure.


Atres c-plus is also available in bio-quality with appropriate certification.


Our product series atres c-plus is characterized by:

  • individual formulations, adapted to case of application
  • high biological availability via water-soluble compound
  • protection against undesirable precipitation reactions via organic trace elements chelate complexes
  • exact metering via liquid product matter
  • proficient consulting and analytic support
  • monitoring via chemical analysis at laboratory
  • authorized by the fertilizer regulation
  • your verified functionality

Our product series atres c-plus is applied in

  • anaerobic waste water purification
  • anaerobic fermentation for biogas production
  • anaerobic digested sludge stabilization

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